Sage Restaurant Wine & Bar

Updated: Apr 4

Ratings: Lunch - 7.5/10, Craftsman - 4/10

Will I come back: Maybe for the Lunch Course.

Pork-free, serves alcohol

This post is based on a comparison of Lunch (L) and Craftsman (C) menu. Craftsman menu comes with a complimentary glass of white wine.


First time in my life, the lower-priced menu actually tasted better than the higher priced menu.

1. (L) Awabi Cold Somen had great texture and flavour.

(C) Pacific Mackerel was slightly fishy (although Mackerel is naturally fishy but should be cured to reduce the fishiness).

The Caviar cream wasn’t helping.

2. (L) Pastry was buttery, Chicken Pate kinda overpowered the Foie Gras, but still good.

(C) Tiger Prawn Pasta was the worst course. Could smell a strong fishy scent (from the sauce) before it reached my table.

3. Main Course (Choose 1)

(L) Lamb Racks were cooked medium, sauce was good but the meat itself was under seasoned. Great portion tho!

4. (L) Cherry Bream was moist and well-seasoned, but half of it was fishy (probably the belly part). The sauce wasn’t helpful.

5. (C) Wagyu Striploin felt more like a salad. Steak was medium-rare but tasted bland. Tasted better with the Yuzu Kosho on the side.

6. Prefer the Japanese Cheesecake (L) over the Fuji Apple Flambé (C).

7. Complimentary bread with Pesto dip was good. Ginger Ale came with each menu. Not an alcohol person so no judgement on the wine.

8. Passion fruit sorbet Palate Cleanser before the mains was a saviour from all that fishiness. Inclusive of Coffee/Tea but not featured.


Friendly waiter, each course was well explained.


Modern interior, comfortable and clean dining area.

Disclaimer: I ordered (C) menu and tasted some from (L) menu. Wasn’t even close to being full.