Updated: Apr 4

Rating: 7/10 *Revised

Will I come back: Yes

Pork-free, serves alcohol

This post is based on ala carte menu by Shin Nihon.

I used to visit them every week, but stopped going due to a huge drop in quality before MCO. But I decided to return due to popular request from my followers!v


Shin Nihon uses F1 Beef from Japan. Not the highest grade, but the beef overall was fresh.

Premium Wagyu Funa Mori (RM920/1kg) comes with 7 different cuts of the day by the head chef. So you don’t get to choose your own cuts and it’s quite dependent on your luck. Personally don’t like very fatty cuts, sadly the cuts I received were less-marbled but still decent. It also comes with Thick-cut tongue, lean cut & Ribeye.

Thick-cut tongue had just the right amount of chewiness, it wasn’t overly chewy and I quite enjoyed it (I don’t usually eat tongue).

Out of the assorted thin cuts, most of them were quite tender except for the Ichibo which one slightly tough.

Akami was tender, Ribeye was juicy.

Spicy Wagyu Beef Soup (RM25) had chunks of tender beef, mushrooms and egg. Lightly spicy, but very rich in flavour. My must-have whenever I’m here.

Sliced Premium Wagyu Beef on Rice (RM50) paired with sweet minced beef was a great rice dish for those who want a balance of meat and carbs. Meat was tender, paired well with the minced meat and you can pour Katsuo Dashi according to your own preference. I only added on a little for some flavour.

Love the Tomato Kimchi (RM10) but slightly overpriced. Good to pair with the beef when it gets “jelak”.

Shaved Ice (RM12) with strawberries, strawberries syrup and condensed milk was way too sweet for my liking. Spoke to the waiter and she kindly waived it off my bill 🙏🏻


I was a regular customer here, so some of the waiters are very attentive (Naomi & Emie) and some weren’t as attentive but friendly in general.


2-floors of dining area. Lots of private rooms available. Air-conditioning is quite strong.

Glad I decided to come back, because their quality has resumed to their normal standard.