Skillet At 163

Updated: Apr 4

Rating: 6.5/10

Will I come back: Maybe

Pork-free, serves alcohol

This post is based on Spring/Summer Degustation Menu (RM350+/pax).


1. Galician Octopus was refreshing but the octopus needs more seasoning. Cannoli was a mix of sea cucumber and seaweed and it was surprisingly good!

2. Ratatouille was the best among the starters. It’s mostly vegetables on a cracker but it was amazing, almost like I was eating a pizza. And I don’t even like vegetables 🤣

3. Wagyu Striploin (MB7) was cooked and seasoned well, love the oxtail & cabage parcel on the side. But the plating was boring.

4. Cod Fish was moist but I didn’t see the purpose of Spätzle. Didn’t really go well with the fish.

5. Lamb Rump with Raisin Jus was a twist to the typical lamb and mint sauce, and it actually tastes good! One of the best lambs I’ve had in KL.

6. NO to the duck. It was gamey and I just couldn’t bring myself to finish it.

7. The Signature Chocolate Dessert was all fun and games until I tasted it and realised the chocolate tasted cheap. Would’ve been a great dessert if they’ve used better quality chocolate.

8. Not sure how is the Skillet “Bao” texture supposed to be like but this was so hard it was almost impossible to pull apart. More like cookie than “bao”.

9. Petite Four - Breakfast in the Garden, was the best dessert for me. Especially that french toast! Wish they had this on their menu.

10. Amuse Bouche was a good start, love the mushroom truffle butter and the lychee sourdough.


Waiters were very attentive and they were kind enough to ask the chef so I could explore the Degustation Menu during lunch!


Love the interior, no views but it’s nicely done-up.


I was here 2 years ago and I’m happy to see how the food has improved. But still, not a fan of the dessert even after 2 years.