Stoked Restaurant & Bar

Updated: Apr 4

Rating: 6.5/10

Will I come back: Maybe for the Ribs & Cold Capellini


This post is based on ala carte menu by Stoked. All orders were recommended by the waiter.


Cold Capellini (RM45) tasted quite similar to the one in Cilantro, except this one comes with cooked prawns & Ikura. Great balance of acidity and sweetness, mild truffle aroma.

Spanish Iberico Pork Ribs (RM90) was the star of the night. They had a nice char on the outside, meat was sweet and flavourful. Will come back just for this!

Didn’t really enjoy both of the steaks here. Both requested for Medium-rare.

Stanbroke Wagyu Oyster Blade MB6 (RM130/200g) came out medium. The meat was tender, but it had a weird taste. Not sure if it was the natural flavour of the beef or from the seasoning, but I’m not a fan. Tasted better after eating it with mustard.

Diamantina Wagyu Tri-Tip MB6 (RM94/200g) was slightly rare, but still acceptable. However, the weird smell was even stronger on this cut. Not sure if gamey is the right word for it, but sadly I just didn’t enjoy it.

Crab Cake (RM41) was crispy outside, soft and moist inside.

Grilled Squid (RM38) had mild smokey aroma, tender but quite bland.

Chocolate Fondant (RM26) was overbaked, texture was quite hard, some of the molten chocolate oozed sideways when I cut through, and it wasn’t runny enough.

Yuzu Tart (RM26) was too sweet for my liking. The pastry itself wasn’t crusty.


Waiters were friendly and attentive.


Clean and comfortable dining area, comes with private room.


Some of the better ribs I’ve had in KL. Wouldn’t mind coming back for the ribs when I’m lazy to head to El Cerdo. Good Cold Capellini too! Will try other dishes on my next visit and re-evaluate.