Sushi Azabu

Updated: Apr 4

Rating: 8/10 (Would’ve been slightly higher if some of the ingredients were fresher!)

Will I come back: Yes

Pork-free, serves alcohol

This post is based on Special Sushi Only Omakase (RM500+/pax).

As I mentioned in my previous write-up, I loved Chef @markey611’s sushi and I would come back for Sushi-only Omakase. I was satisfied!


Definitely one of the better Sushi’s I’ve had in KL!

The shari was the best part of the whole Omakase - which is also one of the most important elements for me, as I am a huge fan of Sushi and I am quite particular on my shari & neta.

Although some of the neta weren’t of highest-quality, the shari was really good (read about it on my previous write-up).

The Special Ingredient of the Day was Spanish Aka Ebi.

(1) Aka Ebi Sushi was fresh, sweet and juicy. It has stronger taste profile than Botan Ebi.

(2&3) Aka Ebi Roe Bowl was like a “Risotto”. This was the highlight of the course. The roe was rich, packed with umami, paired with some Aka Ebi & Uni. Forget about the usual Cholesterol Bowl, this was amazing!

(4) The head was used to cook with Miso Soup. It added lots of flavour and richness to the soup.

There were a few pieces of Sushi’s that really stood out:

Masashi (Horse Meat) - Texture and taste were quite similar to Beef Tenderloin. Surprisingly good!

Tuna Nouten (Forehead) was really soft, somewhere in between the texture of Chutoro & Otoro, but less fatty.

Katsuo had a light smokey aroma, great umami!

7-day aged Kampachi was rich, flavourful and texture was firm from ageing.

Aka Uni from Yura, Kyoto with Ika was creamy and lightly chewy. Aka Uni had a sweet aftertaste.

Kamasu Temaki was soft and buttery.

Anago was sweet and slightly creamy.

Chopped Tuna Medium-sized Maki with Radish & Dried Wintermelon was sweet and slightly sour.

Didn’t really enjoy the Iwashi (Sardine) with Ikura. Iwashi was slightly fishy, but thankfully the Ikura was sweet so it balanced off the fishiness.


Definitely recommend this Special Course for those who love Sushi! Perhaps if I increase my budget for the next visit, I’ll get to enjoy even better ingredients!