Sushi Azabu

Rating: 8/10

Will I come back: Yes

Pork-free, serves alcohol


This post is based on a throwback on October 2020. I requested for Sushi Omakase (RM490/pax) instead of their regular menu (pre-order a week in advance).

Personally a bigger fan of the sushi than the sashimi. I really like the shari. Strong flavour, firm texture and controlled at room temperature. Neta is not WOW fresh but decent.

I’ll be lying if I said I remember the taste of every single piece of sushi. But I did write down some remarks 😂


I’ll mention some of my highlights:

Star of the night were the 4 different types of Uni. Murasaki Uni, Bafun Uni, Aka Uni & Mexican Uni. Every Uni has very distinctive flavour. My favourite was the Aka Uni!

(1) Chopped Toro with Matsutake Mushrooms was an interesting combo, the matsutake mushroom was fragrant but didn’t overpower the toro.

(3) Tokushima A5 Wagyu was really soft, but not “melt in the mouth”.

(1-1) Kawahagi was lightly chewy, paired with the creamy liver sauce.

(1-4) Sawara with Yuzu Pepper was an interesting combo of slightly sour and spicy!

(6) Akamutsu was soft, smokey and lots of umami! Great combo with the seaweed.

(1-2) Monk Fish Liver was creamy, but wished it was even softer!

Would come back whenever I feel like doing a full-on sushi course. Highly recommend to dine at the sushi counter for the best experience!



Chefs were very interactive, staffs were friendly.



Clean and spacious. Sushi counter and side tables available.


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