Sushi Den At Platinum Park

Updated: Mar 28

Rating: 6.5/10

Will I come back: No, unless the chef decides to use warm shari and increase the portion sizes.

This was my first visit prior to the MCO.


I loved the appetizers, nothing too fancy, but the flavors and combinations of the ingredients were great. The ingredients were fresh, but I wasn’t a fan of the sushi, in fact when I first took the first bite I was quite turned off.

The shari (sushi rice) was firm and flavourful, but the temperature was slightly cold which I didn’t enjoy it. I just personally think all three flavors, texture and temperature has to be on point to compliment the neta (fish) because that’s how I like my sushi.

But the tamago was so good it felt like I was eating egg tart filling!

The price is steep considering the ingredients used and the portion was quite small, hence we had to add on the special bowl (First picture). Would probably be having more premium ingredients with larger portions in Sushi Ori for the same price.


The restaurant requires a 50% deposit prior to booking, which is quite a hassle. The staff was attentive but the chef was very serious and focused on making his sushi, so not many interactions involved.


The first sushi restaurant in KL with a skyline view. If you’re big on ambiance, then this place has nice views, although it’s not KL Tower/Twin Tower view.


Can try if you’re not too picky with the temperature of the shari and don’t mind paying for the experience despite the smaller portions.