Sushi Hara KL

Updated: Apr 4

Rating: 6.3/10 (0.3 for great service)

Will I come back: No

Pork-free, serves alcohol

This post is based on Hara Omakase (RM488) by Sushi Hara. Hara Omakase was recommended for First-timers by the waiter.

Sushi Hara was a combination of Edomae (Traditional) & Modern Japanese, which I’m not really a fan. I personally think it was confusing to combine both together - where the chef doesn’t know whether to stick to traditional or go fusion.


Everything from the start till the end seemed mediocre. It wasn’t bad, but wasn’t great either.

The only thing that stood out the most was the Wasabi in my Sushi. Chef seemed to not have control over the amount of Wasabi required for each piece of Sushi. It was either too much, or too little.

Could barely taste the Shari at the beginning due to the overpowering Wasabi. After the adjustment, the shari flavour was decent, texture was firm, but most of my Sushi’s were cold.

Chef made both Sushi’s in one go, then only serve to customers. By the time the Sushi reached me (and I took maybe 8 secs for my pictures) then into my mouth, it has already cooled down.

(3-2) The major turn-off was that Iwashi (Sardine). It was extremely fishy and it kinda ruined the entire flow of the flavour built-up. Had to stuff myself with Pickled Ginger & Okra to get rid of the fishy aftertaste.

Most of the ingredients were slightly above average, better than majority of the places that do Omakase. Decent portions too!

(7) However, that Hot Dish (Fish) was covered with egg & cheese and it was overcooked. Very tough.

(8-3) When my Chawanmushi came, I saw that piece of Foie Gras in it. Nothing wrong with it if it’s Modern Japanese, but it’s not (what I believe) supposed to be present in Traditional Japanese. And the prawn hidden inside was fishy.

The melon was too ripe, so it tasted slightly weird. The Mochi was my favourite.


Waiters provided a Sanitizer Kit after payment! They were attentive too.


I came here expecting Edomae Sushi, and I left being confused.