Sushi Kazu

Updated: Apr 4

Rating: 5.8/10 (0.3 for great service from Chef)

Will I come back: No

Pork-free, serves alcohol

This post is based on Kazu Course (RM598) by Sushi Kazu.

The reason I love Edomae Sushi is because it’s not fancy and it allows the ingredients to shine.

But here at Sushi Kazu, I didn’t really get to experience that.


Kazu’s Omakase is tilted towards more Sashimi & lesser Sushi (6pcs). But I did not experience the freshness from the Sashimi from the start.

The only Sashimi that was straight up FRESH was the Kohada (3-2). The rest were decent, but not high-quality. Reminds me of the quality I had in Chipta, except this one is double the price.

(4) A5 Wagyu from Tokushima was juicy and tasted great with the Yuzu Kosho, but bland by itself.

(5) Oyster Kakiage was crispy but barely tasted the freshness from the oyster. Sad.

Sushi wasn’t great either. Shari texture wasn’t firm and it felt powdery after chewing. Flavour and temperature were fine, but that powdery texture didn’t go along with the neta. The neta wasn’t high-quality too. The only piece that was really fresh was the salt-marinated Akami (7-2). The rest were decent, but not great.

6 pieces of Sushi simply wasn’t enough. The portion wasn’t small but wasn’t big either. Chef was kind enough to add on a few more pieces of Sushi for me after telling him I was only at 50% capacity when my Miso Soup arrived.

(9) That “Cholesterol Bowl” looked glorious, but the only taste that lingered around was the Ikura. The rest of the ingredients barely kicked in. Not even the uni. And after mixing everything together with that powdery shari.... felt like I was eating tasteless tartar. ☹️

The course came with Amuse Bouche (10-1), Palate Cleanser (10-2) & Yuzu Sorbet Dessert (7-3) but no Chawanmushi and Tamago. A welcome Sake drink was included (I don’t drink so it’s not featured.)


Chef was interactive and kind enough to add more sushi for me. Plus points for that! Staff was friendly too.


Japanese interior, Sushi Counter, side tables and private rooms are available.


Images are not arranged according to courses.