Sushi Ori

Updated: Apr 4

Rating: 9.2/10

Will I come back: HELL YES

Pork-free, serves alcohol

1. As usual, all premium ingredients specially imported from Japan. And this time, larger variety!

2. I’ve had Uni so many times I can barely even count. But can’t say no to Large Double Fresh Uni! Rich, fresh and creamy 🤤

3. Whole Ise Ebi (Japanese Lobster) Sashimi had a light crunch texture from the firm lobster meat!

4. Large Summer Oyster was probably the size of my palm!

5. XXL Botan Ebi with Roe was still alive that morning itself.

(6-1) XXL Botan Ebi Sashimi was really fresh, loved the texture of the Roe.

(6-2) Kuro Awabi (Japan’s highest grade Abalone) & Braised Tako were tender and very flavourful.

(6-3) A different kind of Hirame & Engawa (I forgot the name) had chewy texture.

(6-4) Kani with Miso was refreshing.

7. Thick-cut neta + Ori’s Shari = Perfection!

(7-1) Marinated Aburi Otoro

(7-2) Aburi Tairagai (Penshell)

(7-3) High-level Kamatoro (Tuna Cheek)

(7-4) Aji (Horse Mackerel)

(8-1) Bafun Uni

(8-2) Matsuzaka Wagyu Sushi

(8-3) Sweet & Savoury creamy Anago

9. Chef prepared a variety of Japanese fruits for me. Later on, he surprised me with a whole box of Momo 🍑!

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Disclaimer: Special Omakase is based on customer’s budget with a minimum of 10 days notice - starting from RM790.