Sushi Ori

Updated: Apr 4

Rating: 9.2/10

Will I come back: Yes!

Pork-free, serves alcohol

This post is based on Special Omakase by Sushi Ori.


The Star Ingredients were Aka Uni from Fukuoka & Maguro from Miyagi. This visit, chef prepared more special & seasonal fish.

Whole box of Aka Uni was made into Uni Tower & Uni Handroll. It was lightly sweet with a deeper and denser flavour, but with a slightly bitter note towards the end.

(1&2) Mirugai & Ishigakigai we’re still alive! Mirugai was crunchier than Ishigakigai.

(3&4) Special Kuruma Ebi & XXL Botan Ebi with Roe was sweet and juicy.

(1) Kumamoto A5 Wagyu with Ponzu was really juicy, lightly sour and appetising!

(2) Ensui Uni was lightly salty. Seasonal Marinated Ikura was lightly sweet and the texture was lightly firm.

(1) Amaebi and Hotate with Uni Sauce was lightly creamy.

(2) Kuromutsu was slightly chewy, love the smokey aroma from the skin.

(3) Kiji Hata Shabu-shabu was also chewy.

(4) Nama Shirasu was jelly-like textured. Quite refreshing!

(2) Kuruma Ebi was sweet and lightly crunchy.

(3) Steamed Anago was exceptionally creamy this time!

(4) Special Otoro from Miyagi two-ways: There were distinctive layers of meat and fat instead of the usual mouthful of fat. Really good!

Chef Ori gifted Shine Muscat & Kyoho Grapes to me because he knows how much I love grapes! Thank you 🙏🏻

I was told that Special Omakase is only available for regular customers until further notice.