Sushi Oribe 寿司織部

Updated: Apr 4

Rating: 8/10

Will I come back: Yes

Pork-free, serves alcohol

This post is based on Omakase Course (RM498++) by Sushi Oribe.

I rate Tradition Japanese & Modern Japanese very differently. Personally, Traditional focuses on the ingredients, whereas Modern focuses on creativity. But this was in between. It has a touch of creativity, yet sticking to Tradition (Edomae Style). Don’t compare Edomae to Modern.


There are some course that blew me away, some were normal. Great portions tho! Overall I was more impressed with the Sashimi than the Sushi.

(2) Instead of the usual Shoyu & Wasabi combination, chef used different kinds of special sauces.

Kinmedai with Miso Paste, Kampachi Belly with Sesame Paste and Ainame with Uni Sauce (This was very fresh!)

(3-3) Very impressed with their Chawanmushi too. It was a cold-versioned Corn Chawanmushi that tasted like Corn Pudding!

(4) I also enjoyed the Shirauo (Ice Fish) tempura (with plum). It added a sour touch to the crispy tempura.

However, the Sushi was okay, but not WOW for me.

Shari was firm, kept at room-tempt, but would’ve preferred slightly more flavour (although this was still good). Some fishes were higher quality, some were moderate but decent.

Very similar ingredients served at Sushi Ori, but aftertaste in each piece of Sushi was completely different.

Among all of the Sushi’s, the Kamatoro was the best (6-2). It had a balance of fattiness from the Kamatoro and slight acidity from the special Wasabi. The others were decent, but not WOW.

(7-1) Didn’t like the fancier version of Engawa made into Temaki. The wasabi leaves defeated the purpose of that buttery Engawa.

(8-1) I added on Engawa Sushi (RM30/pc) for the real buttery goodness!

(9) Ordered both Kare (Seasonal Flounder) & Japanese A5 Wagyu for the mains. Kare was okay, but the Wagyu was very tough. Quite a turn-off.


Chef was very interactive and friendly. Waiters were attentive.


Traditional Japanese interior. Counter and private room seatings available.


Still prefer Sushi Ori, but this is a great alternative.