Sushi Takumi

Rating: 6.5/10

Will I come back: No

Pork-free, serves alcohol


This post is based on Lunch Omakase (RM335 nett) from Sushi Takumi.


Shari was too sweet for my liking, and personally I prefer stronger vinegar flavour, which this was overpowered by the sweetness. Made every piece of nigiri too sweet.

Texture was firm and controlled at room temperature.

Sashimi was fresh, but neta was just okay. Portion is on the small side.

(1) Hotaru Ika was fresh, vinegar-miso made it refreshing.

(2) Tako was too stiff, took a long time to chew

(3) Not really a fan of the Foie Gras on the Chawanmushi, didn’t really pair well (I think Hanaya’s version is better).

Kawahagi & Liver, Torigai Sashimi was fresh.

Overall sushi didn’t wow me, portion was small too.

(1) Botan Ebi with Sesame Seeds added some texture.

(2) Kuro Mebaru was slightly chewy, but the Yuzu was a bit overpowering.

(3) Chutoro was quite fatty, almost feels like Otoro.

(4) Aburi Kinmedai had a smokey aroma (which I like).

(3) Anago was creamy, it was my favourite piece among the rest.

6. Dessert platter of Strawberry, Dango & Yuzu Waffle were good.


Waiter was attentive and friendly. Chef was also interactive. Recognised him from Sushi Ryu 😂



Sushi counter and side tables available. Clean and comfortable.


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