Tamarind Springs

Updated: Apr 4

Rating: 5/10

Will I come back: No

Pork-free, serves alcohol

This post is based on ala carte menu by Tamarind Springs. All orders are recommended by the waiter/manager.


Mediocre, nothing extraordinary. The food wasn’t bad, just wasn’t WOW.

1. If I had to pick 1 dish that was above average, it’ll be the Grilled Prawns with Tamarind Sauce (RM58). Prawns were juicy and the Tamarind sauce was flavourful.

2. Lamb Cutlets 2 ways - with Tamarind Sauce [Featured] (RM65) & Yogurt (RM65) [Same lamb cutlets, separate sauce on the side.] Cooked Medium, Tamarind Sauce was sweet & sour, Yogurt added a hint of sourness. Good, but not WOW.

3. Steamed Perch in Coconut Milk (RM105) was nothing to shout about.

4. Deep-fried Perch with Spicy Sauce (RM105) was more flavourful, but meat was dry.

5-1. Mussels and Seafood Soup (RM45) tasted similar to Javanese Oxtail Soup. Very strong dried-shallots taste.

5-2. Stir-fried Garlic Prawns (RM56) tasted like sweet and sour prawns with garlic.

5-3. Beef Curry with Tamarind (RM56) was quite runny and slightly mild. Still acceptable.

5-4. Chicken and Coconut Soup (RM38) barely had any coconut flavour. Tasted like mild clear-soup Tomyam.

6. Tamarind Platter (RM81) was mehh. The only decent one was the Meat & Cucumber. The prawns and Vietnamese Rolls tasted weird and others were dry.

7. Overall didn’t really like any of the desserts.

(7-1) Sticky Rice with Mango (RM24) was undercooked (rice was stiff), mango wasn’t sweet enough.

(7-2) Cendol & Sagu (RM23) and (7-3) Pink Diamond (RM19) were okay, but too sweet for my liking.


Waiters were attentive and friendly.


Most people liked the Rainforest ambience here, but I wasn’t a fan. There were flying insects everywhere on the table (not sure if there’s any in my food). Seats weren’t comfortable, and I was definitely feeding mosquitoes.


It’s okay to dine, but the food ain’t fine. I can definitely get the same quality in Dancing Fish/Ekkamai at probably half the price. Or better quality in Rama V with the same price.