The Beato Aged Steakhouse

Updated: Apr 4

Rating: 5.5/10 (Very slow service)

Will I come back: No

Pork-free, serves alcohol

This post is based on ala carte menu & Cuts-Of-The-Day by Beato. All orders were recommended by the waiter.

Beato came as one of the highly-recommended Dry-aged Steakhouses. But my experience here didn’t meet my expectations.


Ordered 3 types of Steaks but none of them seemed to hit the spot. All steaks were requested for Medium-rare doneness but they all turned out differently. They were all served on a HOT plate.

Wagyu Tenderloin (RM245/250g) was quite rare. Sent it back to the kitchen but it came out medium, but better than having it rare. It was also under-seasoned.

Wagyu Ribeye (RM255/260g) was Medium-rare, but under-seasoned. Tasted better after adding salt by myself.

Dry-aged Angus Ribeye - Grain Fed (RM132/258g) was supposed to be Medium-rare, but the plate was so hot that it cooked through my steak, and ended up with Medium to Medium Well. The steak became tough, and it was also under-seasoned. Tried to speak to the manager, but after requesting for 3 times, and waited for 25 minutes, still the manager didn’t attend to me. At last one of the waiters decided to just change the Angus Ribeye for us.

The replacement came back on a Warm-plate (instead of hot), but the cook was quite uneven. Some parts were medium-rare, some were medium. But this was the best steak among the rest. Steak was well-seasoned, firm had rich beef-flavour.

The steaks came with a few condiments (not featured).

Escargot (RM29) was garlicky, cheesy and creamy. Goes well with the Complimentary Bread (9).

Gambas Al Ajillo (RM33) weren’t very fresh. They tasted like frozen prawns and had weird aftertaste.

Creme Brûlée (RM12) had creamy custard at the bottom with decent amount of sweetness from the caramelised sugar.


Waiters were friendly, but service was extremely slow it kinda put me off.


Clean and comfortable indoor and outdoor seatings.


Suggest to serve on room-temperature plates/wooden board instead of hot plates.