Uo Sho

Rating: 6/10

Will I come back: No



Went for the regular menu because Omakase requires 1-day notice in advance.


Went for the dons after scrolling through their Instagram, but they weren’t anything extraordinary. But for the price? I wouldn’t expect much. More of a value-for-money place.

1. Kaisen Don (RM68) came with Salmon, Maguro, Ebi, Tako, Kampachi, Ikura and Hirame? (I forgot what fish). Over it was okay for the price, but nothing much to shout about. Personally prefer Sushiya’s over this.

2. Bara Chirashi Don (RM38) assorted diced sashimi, pretty value for money. If you’re expecting this to be bursting with freshness, obviously you won’t be getting that with this price point.

3. Unagi Kabayaki (RM38) was decent, not too dry not too moist.

Wanted to order Yakitori but was told that no Yakitori... then I saw the chef grilling a few sticks beforehand so I was confused. I’m kinda glad I didn’t come for Omakase 😅



Waiter was kind enough to let me take the sushi counter, but eventually I didn’t order sushi (again, I’m glad I didn’t).



Sushi counter, side tables and private room available.


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