Usuki Fugu Yamadaya

Updated: Apr 4

Rating: 9/10

Will I come back: Yes

Pork-free, serves alcohol

This post is a throwback of Yamadaya’s Fugu Kaiseki during my visit to Tokyo on December 2019.

This was my first time enjoying a whole Fugu Course at a 3 🌟 restaurant that lived up to the title. It was a great experience!


1. Cold Appetisers were a variety of vegetables & seafood- Snow Crab, Prawn & Fugu.

2. Fugu Sashimi was the highlight of the night, super chewy and fresh!

3. Fugu Shirako (sperm) was bursting with creaminess! (I’ve had lots of Shirako when I was in Tokyo but this was one of the best!)

4. Grilled Fugu was well-seasoned and meat was firm.

5. Fugu Karaage was lightly crispy outside, slightly moist inside.

6. Fugu Hotpot using clear soup as the base. The skin was very rich in Collagen!

7. I was shocked to know that Fugu meat was firm instead of the usual moist texture. I was told that Fugu has little to no fat!

8. Fugu porridge was rich and flavourful.

9. Dessert was Mochi (not featured).


Waiter was very friendly and attentive. But the entire course took 3 hours.


Counter seats & private rooms are available.

Disclaimer: Menu would have been different by now.