When your Rm700 steak went wrong and how you can fix it !

When your RM700 Steak went wrong, here’s how you can fix it!

Remember the days when your steak got overcooked or was too rare you end up leaving the restaurant with disappointment?

It doesn’t always have to end this way.

My experience with a few steakhouses lately have been underwhelming, but here I will share my tips on how you can turn things around.

On my previous visit to Prime, my Prime Rib (1.45kg) was rare and under-seasoned.

After applying the tips that I shared below, they managed to change the entire Prime Rib and replaced a new piece for me, which came back medium-rare and well-seasoned.

1. Speak to the waiter, politely. It is not their fault that your steak is overcooked, but they play a huge role on saving your experience.

2. Request to check the dish with the chef, a simple sentence like “Hi, my steak is overcooked, can you please check with the chef about this” might turn things around.

3. If all goes well, the chef will replace a new dish for you if they own up to their mistake.

4. If they couldn’t replace your dish, perhaps they would make an offer (to wave it off the bill/offer complimentaries) to make up for your meal.

5. If that doesn’t happen and they deny it, you can either speak to the manager and voice out your concerns, or just never return.

At the end of the day, we do what we can to ensure we get to enjoy the best experience in the restaurant.

Hope this helps!