Yun House

Updated: Apr 4

Rating: 9/10

Will I come back: Yes!

Pork-free, serves alcohol


This post is based on Yun House’s Dimsum menu.

Hands down the best Premium Dimsum place in KL, serving high-quality Dimsum.


1. Off-the-Menu Abalone Pastry (RM45/pc) is one of the main reasons I’m here! Flakey, buttery pastry topped with whole Abalone 🤤

2. Bird’s Nest Egg Tart (RM32) - That flakey mini egg tart topped with lightly sweetened bird’s nest was the perfect dessert!

My Top Choices:

3. Crystal Shrimp Dumpling (RM38) & Chicken and Seafood Dumpling (RM33) both had generous and tasteful fillings.

Spring Roll with Foie Gras & Seafood (RM38) Beancurd Shrimp Roll (RM38) had plump juicy shrimps with each bite, but wished that the skin was crispier!

4. 10-head Abalone Black Garlic Soup (RM108) had rich herbal and garlic flavour. Not for everyone, but I loved this!

Fishmaw Soup (RM150) had thickly-sliced fish maw but it was slightly salty.

Lobster Broth Dumpling (RM48) had rich seafood flavour and Thick Broth Xiao Long Bao (RM38) tasted similar to fishmaw soup, but with XLB.

5. Flakey Pastry with BBQ Chicken (RM28) was damn good! Pastry was buttery and flakey, fillings tasted like char siew (except it’s chicken!) Beats their Steamed BBQ Chicken Bun by miles!

6. Steamed Ricerolls with Beancurd skin, scallops & prawns (RM38) was loaded with fillings, but I miss the old Crispy Shrimp Riceroll ☹️

7. Signature Carrot Cake (RM32) was soft and flavourful but missing the light crisp on the outside.

Salted Egg Lava Custard Buns (RM28) were fluffy and rich, but it used to have more custard 🤔

Glutinous Rice (RM28) was aromatic.

Red bean pancake was flakey but too sweet.

Those that you can skip:

8. Truffle Mushroom Dumpling (RM48), Beef Dumpling (RM32), Sze Chuan Crab Roe Wonton (RM18/pc) and Mango Sago Pomelo (RM35) were nothing to shout about.


Very attentive and friendly waiters. Excellent service.


Modern interior, comfortable seatings. Private room was spacious! (Featured)


I’ve been here multiple times, quality has been consistent.